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Helping businesses track products from Origin to Point of Sale, enabling
consumers to know where and how their purchases are made

The majority of the worlds garments are made with cotton, but not all cotton is created equally.

Only 1% of the world’s cotton production is organic with conventionally grown cotton requiring huge water and chemical inputs.

Currently there is no system to ensure that the cotton you purchase is what gets delivered.

The steps between cotton farm and final stitching factory are the most hidden making it easier for exploitation & unsafe working conditions to occur.

Most of the worlds garment workers work long hours in unsafe conditions for little or no pay.


The Future of Fashion

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology will help the industry track apparel through the supply chain but the future of fashion is more about changing the business model and culture of the industry. Millenials are demanding increased transparency and prioritising brands with strong ethics. The future winners in this industry will be those that can prove they have sustainability and ethics at their core.

Get More From Your Barcode

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We aim to see every product we buy become traceable

We’re starting our beta program by focusing on fashion tracing raw materials from cotton farm to factory floor. We’re building a network of ethically motivated fashion brands to provide them with the tools needed to prove any claims made about ethical production, fair wages or origins of materials.


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