Your Product Has a Story

This product was produced under batch LYB-100-2767 with the following product journey

We have four people in our finishing team who are in charge of inspecting the quality, cutting threads and labelling/tagging products ready for shipment.

Panels are distributed among the team to produce finished garments. 3000 units were produced in this batch. It took our team of 10 days to stitch these products ready for finishing and final inspection.
Once the fabric has been dyed and washed we prep the fabric for cutting, this involves spreading it out and resting it ready to be cut into panels. This is a specialist job and only a couple of people in our factory are skilled at this role. This fabric was cut by Mr. Udai Bhan. 600 units were cut in this batch under batch number LYB-134-560.
D46A5007 (1).JPG
Our products are dyed using a closed loop system. This means that zero waste has been discharged into waterways. We use only GOTS (global organic textile standard) dyes and have ensured all water is treated and filtered back to drinking quality standard.
We knit all of our fabrics in the same production unit that we manufacture in. This gives us increased transparency and control of the production process. The knitting is done on level 1 of the factory before being sent out for dying. 
This cotton has been spun at Nahar cotton mills, this is the process that turns the cotton bale into fine thread ready to be either woven or spun. This was delivered on lot LDP-345-56 and is controlled under bath PMA-34503-546.
Ginning is the process that removes the cotton seed from the usable cotton fibre. This cotton was ginned at the Pratima cotton mill which deals exclusively with organic and fairtrade cotton.
This cotton was grown using organic farming techniques in the Orissa region of India. It takes approximately three months to grow a crop of cotton. Unlike the majority of cotton these farms produce only one crop per year relying on the natural rainy season.